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We are the most popular Party Bus & Limo company serving Lansing and all of Michigan

Jason & Cicely Vawter

Husband & Wife, business partners, and owners/operators of Lighthouse Party Bus & Limousine based in East Lansing, Michigan – our vision is to be the best luxury chauffeured livery service in the Great Lakes State.

With neither the time, nor the money to plan, fund, and execute a traditional wedding, we eloped via limousine in 2017. That’s right – we rented a limo, a wedding officiant, suited/dressed up in wedding attire and made it official one cold, winter afternoon in a small stone chapel on the shore of Jordon Lake in Ionia.

Sure, we could have driven our own vehicle to our micro-wedding but riding in the limousine allowed us to focus on each other and the vows we were about to make, and to enjoy the significant and special day we were sharing together instead of managing traffic, navigation, and parking.

Having sealed the deal on life partnership, we came to realize that we are both passionate about building a strong brand with a reputation for service excellence and decided to evaluate our strengths, weaknesses, and passions to determine what kind of business we wanted to develop together.

Jason maintains five years of fleet and driver management in both trucking and luxury livery with a long history of sales and customer service. Cicely, a bred-in-the-bone IT girl, specializes in technology, management, and budget. We both love people, music, and celebrations, parties (especially big ones – like weddings), baseball games, concerts, shopping, eating out, and going out on the town.

Family owned and operated, we are building our fleet of Lansing based luxury limousines and buses. Our goal is to be the leading provider of luxury group transportation services for the mid-Michigan area.

Our mission at Lighthouse Party Bus & Limo is to provide customers with an exceptionally professional, safe, reliable, luxury transportation service to ensure that their special event is extraordinary. 

Whether it is a middle-of-the-winter micro-wedding, a country club extravaganza, or high school prom, we want Lighthouse customers to enjoy the same travel experience and peace of mind with our Lansing based luxury limousines and buses that we did on our wedding day. 

Ride with Lighthouse, we’ll take care of the driving.


Only Qualified Chauffeurs

The foundation of Lighthouse Party Bus & Limousine is honesty and integrity.  It is the bedrock that enables us to build only the highest class of companies in the industry.  Our founder and President, Jason Vawter, had the vision to see where the industry was failing its guests and build a company to put the guests first.  Combined with transparent and clear pricing and industry leading vehicle quality, you know that we are somebody you can trust with the most lavish and complex of events. We would be honored if you would trust our luxury limousine and bus company in Lansing with your next occasion.

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